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PMII Arabian Sea
Hector continues his treasure hunt in the Arabian Sea...
PMII North Sea
Hector continues his treasure hunt in the ice caverns of the North Sea...
PMII Black Sea
A new adventure! Help Hector find the lost treasure of the Black Sea..!
Phantom Mansion: Black
The final chapter! Will Hector be able to release all the trapped souls?
Phantom Mansion: Violet
Hector's locked in the Violet Vault. Will you be able to safely crack its code?
Phantom Mansion: Indigo
Beware of the Jester in the dungeon depths!
Phantom Mansion: Blue
Will you waltz through these puzzles?
Phantom Mansion: Green
Play a masterpiece in the art of puzzling!
Phantom Mansion: Yellow
Escape from the terrible Yellow Tower!
Phantom Mansion: Orange
More horrifying puzzles await!
Phantom Mansion: Red
Dare you enter the Phantom Mansion?