Rocketville is a physics-based puzzle game
Hanger 2
Swing your way through each world and try to finish every level without losing arms.
Frog Dares
Frog Dares is a funny puzzle platformer made by Toffee Games
Cactus McCoy 2
Cactus McCoy 2 is the sequel of the popular platform adventure game.
Fill a grey world with color by exploring it with a jumping cow
Fling a Thing
Fling the thing and collect all bubbles to progress to the next level!
Escape a laboratory where the normal laws of gravity are suspended!
Saving the Company
Saving the Company is an addictive puzzle platformer.
Robokill 2
Destroy enemy robots, collect money and buy upgrades to customize your battle mech.
Throw a paper plane as far as you can. Collect points and upgrade your plane.
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality is a funny puzzle platformer with intelligent apes and bananas.
Mega Miner
Mega Miner is a cool mining game inspired by games like MegaDrill or Gold Miner.
You are Infestor, a biological weapon that can take control of colonists. Your mission? SECRET!
Dragon Rescue
Your mission is to save the last dragon from the evil corporation and their army of robots.
Test Subject Blue
Aim of the game is to navigate the blue test subject to the food fill safely. Much Fun!
Cardboard Box Assembler
Collect keys to escape the cardboard box and find gems to unlock hidden worlds.
Moto Jumping
Jump over cars in order to get enough momentum to get to the other side of the city
Help the robot to collect all parts of a fallen star and rescue the planet from the darkness.
Dusk is an awesome time-traveling, mind bending platform game made by BlackSnow Technologies.
Railway Robots
Rotate the railway of light as your robot travels along it grabbing the golden coins.
Ninja Painter
Help the Ninja to paint the walls in a village, try to get all the achievements.
Soviet Rocket Giraffe
Soviet Rocket Giraffe is a crazy platform game about a rocket propelled Giraffe.
Elephant Quest
Wooly has taken your precious bowler cap and now you are on a romp to go get it back!
Light Hunter
Light Hunter is a cool 8bit action platformer made be Robby Scherer.
Fish Crunch
Fish Crunch is a funny action game from Gazo. You are a small fish lost in the big ocean.
Days of Monsters
Days of Monsters is a cool action game about hybrid monsters
Fancy Pants 2
At last, Fancy Pants returns with a fresh adventure!
Stomp and shoot your way to victory as a giant robot!
Little Loki Escapes From Hell
Play Little Loki Escapes From Hell online in your browser.
Diamond Hollo
Shoot, upgrade, conquer enemies, attempt achievement and collect gems.
Rocket Toilet
Go crazy...on your Toilet! Get upgrades, flush and explore this gross launch world!
Tobe's Hookshot
Tobe's Hookshot Escape is a cool endless platformer with only one level.
God of Armor Invincible
You're the God of War that must destroy them.
Chisel is a funny planet drilling game by Nitrome.
Epic Charlie
Run using almost all your energy while you dodge the steaming cannons.
Dream Tower
Your objective in this platformer is to bounce and bound your way to the top of a dream tower.
Mecharon Survival
Your mission to control mecharon and defend your base through
Go Go Gummo
Go Go Gummo Down In The Dumps is a fun, action-puzzle platformer
Ninja Dog
An evil witch has turned the bravest Ninja of the region into a dog.
Play as a fish and complete various objectives.
Sky Island
Dark Souls have landed on the Sky Island and are ready to steal all the stars.
Bullet Heaven
Dodge thousands of bullets and defeat legions of foes.
Beneath The Waves
I loved you once, split-toed dirt-swimmer. These idols are the bones of wonders.
Cactus McCoy
McCoy's mission is to return the Thorned Emerald to its true home.
Stunt Pilot
Mission of Stunt Pilot is to complete all the courses without crashing!
Bat Country
Take to the skies and battle mutant bats and hellish beasts!
Crystal Crisis
Run and collect crystals, and try to unlock all the achievements!
From Beyond
As a cosmic horror from deepest space, you're determined to wipe out all life on Earth.
Arm of Revenge
Now you got the most fun fighting/action game on the Flash platform -Arm of Revenge!
Dogfight 2
Perform aerial maneuvers and try to shoot down enemy targets in this dogfighting game.
Not Your War
WSAD to move your ship, mouse to aim and shoot.
Turtle Girl
Katy is a very special little girl. She likes: action movies and her turtle friend.
Notebook Wars
More than 30 different enemies, bosses and a lot of ships, weapons and upgrades to buy.
Garden Gnome Carnage
Stop Santa's elves delivering presents to your house!
Camelot Smashalot
Catapult livestock in this new game from Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Games!
Paranormal Shark Activity
You need the reflexes of a cat as you run away from the hungry shark.
Burrito Bison
Smash gummy bears and escape candy land!
The Moops - Combos of Joy
Take on the role of the 'Dirty Moop' as you shoot combos of joy.
Pogo Swing
Jumping from the swingset is one of the best things about being a kid.
Skyfyre II
Move and fire the dragon fighter using your mouse and watch the monster enemies explode.
Destroy The Village
It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village, it takes rockets.
Ninja Hamsters vs Robots
Play as the amazing Ninja Hamster as you kill robots and collect sushi!
Cuboy Quest
Shoot the red targets at each level to gain access to the exit.
Cannibal Casserole
Fire the shipwrecked crew into the cannibal cooking pots!
Tasty Planet
Control a tiny ball of grey goo which eats everything around it.
Super Mega Bot
Super Mega Bot is a challenging and fun platformer.
Aliens Kidnapped Betty
Aliens have kidnapped your wife. Now you must rescue her!
Glass Fish Rhythm
Get to the end of each level without breaking.
Chubby Ninja
Jump and fight through the Cave of Trials to become a Ninja Master!
Battle Paint
BattlePaint! Kill the rogue pixels and clean up after yourself. Also have fun!
Urban exploration and puzzle solving.
A twist on a classic arcade concept. Dodge enemy missiles and make them kill each other!
Defend your planet from meteors, aliens and more!
The Ninja Game
Move through the landscape like the ninja you are. Cling to walls and collect pretty gold coins.
Star Swing
Swing around stars and set off fireworks in this relaxing game.
Parachute SOS
Save the parachutists from the sharks!
Hurry Up Bob
Take over the enemy colonies to battle your way through 13 levels.
Bone Ranger
Use your flaming skull to burn the chains and defend your castle!
Pipe Dreamz
Eat surf and work your way up to achieve your pipe dream.
Blue Knight
Explore an alien planet in a mission to clear it of enemy threats, ready for a new human colony.
Radical Fishing
Grab your fishing rod...and your gun!
Balloon in a Wasteland
When your balloon crash-lands in a wasteland of foul creatures, its time to survive.
Solo Hero
The only thing between you and home is the massive battlefield
Reachin Pichin
Conquer the skies as Pichin in this action game full of surprises and amazing eye candy!
Kids VS Ice Cream
Pelt them kids with globs of ice cream until they let go!
Helmet Bombers 2
You only need one cannon to win this war. But you do need to aim properly!
Battle Shift
Battle a shape-shifting shadow creature!
Destroy all crawling beasties.
Haunt The House
What was that? You awaken to find your once quiet house is full of noisy party guests!
Your superior mech tank can take down an army. But only if you're willing to fight, yo!
A unique retro puzzle platform game.
Fly Me To The Moon
When Jean-Claude the megalomaniac mouse goes on stage, he becomes SUPER MOUSE!
Ownage Burst
Dodge, duck and dive your way past the soldiers while taking them down with your trusty gun!
Sift Heads World - Act 6
Try to find the culprit and stop them for good.
Wake Up
Wake Up all the other blue dudes and then go to bed.
Shoot a lot of stuff and get stronger by getting more guns, shields and skills ! Simple isn't it?
Clash of The Olympians
Go Greek and keep the approaching horde of heathens away from your temple!
Ricochet Kills 2
The ultimate trick shot is back! Aim carefully and make each bullet count.
You landed on a hostile planet on your mission to save earth
The Cursed Beneath
Take up arms against an horde of undead creatures.
Blasting Agent
Take on the Black Hand of Fate and their bio-engineered army!
Explore gravity mazes with Edgar the Electic Spider! Design your own levels!
Joe the Alien
Help Joe get to Earth!
Sugar Rush
Eat sweets, but don't fall to the bottom of the bag!
Save the Goons
Use your Unitank to block the bombs and Save the Goons!
Sprocket Rocket
Help Wallace and Gromit collect cogs to fix their ship and fly to the moon!
Babbit and Ball
Keep the ball in the air!
It's Raining Cats and Dogs!
Bounce on creatures to cushion your fall!
Captain Bobulous battles enemies who threaten to destroy the universe!
Fireboy and Watergirl
Explore the Forest Temple with Fireboy and Watergirl.
Pollinate the flowers but avoid the stinkbugs!
Help the heroic crab defend his home from crazy invaders!
Vampire Fever
Infect all the monsters with the Vampire Fever virus!
Balloon Headed Boy
Help Balloon Headed Boy rescue his friends on his birthday!
Kiwitiki: Flower Paradise
Kiwitiki loves flowers! Help him explore the island to collect them.
Fling the ball to hit the targets.
Galactic Melody Catcher
Collect the melodies from 25 bizarre planets!
Grab the pirate treasure to add up to the total!
Rat Shot
How far can YOU fire the rat across the pub?
William and Sly
You are Sly the fox in this gorgeous platform adventure!
Red Code
Defend yourself against the giant insects!
Planetary Defence
Defend your homeworld from the alien menace!
Defend your territory against sea creatures brought in by the tide!
Blast the monster heads! (Cartoon Violence)
Crazy Go Nuts 2
Shoot your squirrel out of a cannon. Collect as many nuts as you can!
The Robbers
Combine the skills of the three robbers to reach the goal.
SAS: Zombie Assault 2
Our hero is sent to an abandoned military camp over-run with Zombies!
You're programmed to survive, and to fight till the very end.
Select your upgrades and be the king of the hill!
The Last Canopy
Battle the human race. Absorb their attacks, make them your own.
S.E Apocalypse
Rebuild civilization with sustainable energy choices.
Defend yourself from the enemies that are trying to shrink you.
Twin Shot 2
Fire arrows at monsters in this beautiful action arcade platformer!
Bubble Cannon
Make as many bubble disappear as you can!
Help D-403 fight mutants and rogue robots to save the Empire!
Super Amazing Tiger Boy
Blast the aliens in their red eyes!
Bouncy Bob
Bounce Bob to freedom!
Shoot flares to navigate your way out of the darkness!
Alios Army 2
Will Alio's Army be cannon fodder in this great action game?
Blast everything in this frantic space shooter!
Gather tiny orbs then fire them at the big orbs!
Swinging Ball
Swing your ball to the exit. Momentum is your friend!
Square is back, and this time he's cursed! Help him shoot those circles!
You are Square, shoot everything else!
Alios Army
Take to the skies and fight for glory in this smashing WW2 game. Chocks away!
Break Ball
Ball versus bricks and blocks. Who will win?!
Cow Bandits
It's time to make some MINCED BEEF!
Orb Blaster
The Orbs are here and they need BLASTING!
Blobbit Dash
Rescue Blobbit Babies from the marauding Vernimb!
Innovative gameplay, that's pretty in pink!
Crash Test Launcher
How far can you launch a crash test dummy? Only one way to find out.
PMII Arabian Sea
Hector continues his treasure hunt in the Arabian Sea...
PMII North Sea
Hector continues his treasure hunt in the ice caverns of the North Sea...
PMII Black Sea
A new adventure! Help Hector find the lost treasure of the Black Sea..!
Phantom Mansion: Red
Dare you enter the Phantom Mansion?
Phantom Mansion: Orange
More horrifying puzzles await!
Phantom Mansion: Yellow
Escape from the terrible Yellow Tower!
Phantom Mansion: Green
Play a masterpiece in the art of puzzling!
Phantom Mansion: Blue
Will you waltz through these puzzles?
Phantom Mansion: Indigo
Beware of the Jester in the dungeon depths!
Phantom Mansion: Violet
Hector's locked in the Violet Vault. Will you be able to safely crack its code?
Phantom Mansion: Black
The final chapter! Will Hector be able to release all the trapped souls?
Asleep Walking
You'll need perfect timing to keep your sleepwalker safe!
Nuts and Bolts
Help the little robots Nuts and Bolts to reach the exit of each level by connecting platforms.
Control the gravity and navigate your character to the end of each level.
Use all your brain to solve different puzzles and challenges. Enjoy Binga!
Orange Gravity
Your mission? Collect yellow lemons using an orange, different tools and the gravity rules! Enjoy!
You Are a Box
You Are a Box is a cool puzzle platformer inspired by Lemmings.
Brilliant Crystals
Brilliant Crystals is an addictive match 3 puzzle game made by Ninja Kiwi.
Mooo Twooo
Mooo Twooo is the sequel of the funny physics-based puzzle game
One And One Story
This is the story of a boy, the story of a girl, the story of both!
Rich Mine 2
Help the gnome collect the gem in each level by cutting ropes at the right time.
Totems Awakening
Your mission is simple: Throw rocks at the sleeping totems to wake them up
Match and Remove
Click on touching same-colored objects to remove them from the screen.
Free The Fish
Your mission is simple: Shoot balls to break the chains and free the fish.
Red Ball 3
Roll and jump your way through each level and save your girl friend!
Explore the mountains and solve puzzles to save your fellow brothers and sisters. Enjoy!
Let the Goosplosion begin!
Loony Box
Remove green blocks and use the abilities of friendly boxes to get the yellow box into the goal.!
Fire It Up
Light up the cave and fire up all lamps on each level.
Expanded It
Use the power of expansion to get a blue shape to reach the indicated height.
Click Play Rainbow
You will have to use your mouse in a variety of ways in order to find the PLAY button.
Hippos Feeder
Your mission is simple: Feed a hippo with watermelons. Sounds simple, but isn't it!
Mechanical Puzzles
Rotate and change various objects on the playing field to complete each puzzle.
Catch The Candy
Satisfy your sweet tooth as you solve puzzles with your extendable arm.
Monkey N Bananas 2
Steal as many bananas as you can while the scary gorilla is distracted
Hide Caesar 2 Players' Pack
A collection of the best Hide Caesar levels from the community!
Gluey 2
Prevent multi-colored blobs from filling up the playing field by removing same-colored blobs
Fluffy Rescue
Cute fluffies are kidnapped by the evil spider! Help them to return to their nests!
Get each sphere to its pod by dragging, rotating and removing objects.
Ninja Dogs 2
Launch ninja dogs at the castles and eliminate all of the evil ninja cats.
Gap Monsters
Your mission is to put the monster in the red gap of each level pushing and pulling blocks.
Feed The Panda
Cut cords to get the candy into the mouths of the hungry pandas
Clear all balls from the playing area to complete each level.
Isoball 3
Build a track to get the ball to the hole. Now with new levels, new blocks, and more cool stuff!
Aim of the game is to push all robots out of the level.
Space Ivan
Ivan was abducted by aliens, help him to get to the teleport.
Crash Boom Bang
Knock evil monster off the screen with smileys named Crash, Boom and Bang. Enjoy!
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reality is a funny puzzle platformer with intelligent apes and bananas.
Bazooki The Silent Affair
Shoot the barrels in this silent movie themed sequel to the hit game 'Bazooki'!
Dibbles is a cool strategy game inspired by the classic game Lemmings.
99 Bricks
Rotate and stack shapes to build the tallest free-standing tower possible.
Drag the dots on the line to plot the correct pathway to collect all space robots
Warp Game
A short mystic platformer with 30 levels.
Steam Punk
Steampunk is another cool physics-based puzzle game.
Nimble Piggy
Nimble Piggy is a funny physics-based shooting game.
Help Marmoot to save guinea pig world from evil rats.
Blinkz is a cool physics-based puzzle game inspired by Red Remover.
The Successful Experiment
Manipulate each experiment to get the 8 ball into the target area.e.
Kaboomz 2
Use your cannon to pop the red balloons and to free the blue bloons.
Save The Snails
Use the buoyant objects provided in each level to keep all of the snails afloat.
Smash the colored glass blocks with the kulkis ball.
Trunc N Duck
Trunc N Duck is a physics-based shooting game inspiered by Flaming Zombooka.
The I of It
The I of It is a fun physics-based adventure game.
Gravity Llama
Gravity Llama is a funny platformer inspired by the 8bit game VVVVVV.
Amigo Pancho
Remove objects to help Pancho float to the top of the perilous canyon.
Blow Things Up 2
The sequel to Blow Things Up.
Ragdoll Cannon 4
Fire ragdolls from your trusty cannon to send them crashing into the targets.
Escape from the lab and solve the puzzles! p.i.g is a puzzle platformer
Sieger Level Pack
Take the castle in less shots to earn the medals: Clear, Decisive and Brilliant Victory.
In The Bucket
In the Bucket is an addictive physics-based puzzle game.
Don't Panic
Help defend the alien base against the relentless swarms of evil robot minions!
Doodle God 2
his game puts the power of creation in your hands.
Jelly Cannon
Fire blue blobs from your cannon as you try to make the yellow jellies touch each.
Vampire Physics
Break Wooden objects to guide the vampire to the humans, thus turning them into vampires.
Hell Diggers
Hell Diggers is a challenging puzzle game from FreeOnlineGames.
Slice and Dice
Slice your enemies, board game style!
Red Menace 2
Remove shapes, turn on propellers and shift gravity to move the red shape onto the target platform.
Inflate Us
Change the size and shape of anthropomorphic objects as you try to collect the flask in each level.
All We Need Is Brain 2
Destroy all the zombies by strategically using brains to lure them to their deaths!
Grab blocks with your drone and arrange them so that they match up with the highlighted area.
Launch various balls to knock blocks off the screen and score the target number of points.
Thermo Box
Melt the ice surrounding the crates in each level by destroying blocks with your trusty hammer.
Multi Task 2
Multitask 2 is another cool action game by ICYLIME where you have to handle multiple games at once
Splitter Pals
ut the lines and objects in order to move these funny characters to the exit point
This is a Work of Fiction
20 puzzles and an enormous conspiracy theory
Frustra Bit
Your task in this fun mouse avoider is to collect the green coins and reach the exit flag
Pigs Can Fly
Move objects with the correponding potions and cooperate with your past actions to guide the pig.
Spy is a mix of puzzle, skills, avoider and some physics.
Moony Boom
Roll the moon to the exit in each level by placing the provided objects in the correct spots.
Clowning Around
Cut the chains so that the spherical clowns end up in the correct barrels.
Purple Invaders
Remove purple faces while keeping the green faces on the screen
Fun Da Vinci
Help Leonardo da Vinci to configure the system of cannonball movement.
Wooden Path 2
In this puzzle, you need to build a wooden bridge to cross the river.
Huje Way
Guide the target number of red blobs into the hairy creature's mouth
Sushi Cat 2
Sushi Cat and his wife are out shopping at the local mall when a new nemesis, Bacon Dog.
Monster Box
Find the different monster in the funny puzzle game: Monster Box!
Space is Key
Space is the key. Can you do it?
Color Cleaner
Remove all the shapes in as few clicks as possible. Try to beat all 30 levels.
Sugar Sugar
It's time for a new bontegame! Draw and get enough sugar in the cups!
Cover Orange
Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain.
Color World
Shoot as few balls from your cannon as possible to make the color of each box match
The Man With The Invisible Trousers
Can you solve the murder mystery?
Shamrock Shooter
Launch leprechauns from a floating shamrock to collect all of the bags of gold.
Crash The Robot
Place bombs and other items in the right spots to complete the robot-destroying contraptions.
Go Go Sunshine
Ever wish you could control the sun?
Shoot arrows, throw explosives and use other weapons to kill the enemy pigs in each level.
Alphabet Shoot 2
Destroy the lettered blocks in each level by shooting the corresponding letters at them.
Angry Bee
Angry Bee is a funny physics-based puzzle game made by Ravalmatic and inspired by Bloons.
Wrap your mind around the next intensive puzzle game - Interlocked!
Mad Bombs
Help the bombs kill the zombie-pirates on the far island!
Energy Physics
Place metal beams and other objects on the stage to electrocute the guys wearing sunglasses
Orcs Attack
Launch boulders to demolish structures and eliminate your enemies in each stage.
Kamikaze Blocks
Monsters live in clouds and feed on blocks! Shoot your kamikaze creatures and watch them explode.
Fanged Fun
Transform boxes and try to get the green and red shapes onto platforms of the same colour.
Super Cupid Shooter
Fat Cupid's late for his red Hot Date on Valentines Day!
Snail Bob
Press buttons and control various mechanisms to safely guide the snail to the exit.
Click Play3
Here is the third game in the Click PLAY series! "This one was lots of fun to work on."
Tarzan Ball
Tarzan Ball is the sequel to hit physics puzzle IQ Ball!
Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy
Cube Droid comes to the rescue as his galaxy is invaded by mysterious cubes enclosing the planets.
Mooo is a funny physics-based puzzle game made by Turbo Nuke.
Ragdoll Spree 2
Second part of the absolutely stunning game Ragdoll Spree! New features, levels and a lot of fun!
Bob's rocket is on fire and he can't stop. Clear the way for him by zapping obstacles.
Cut and Shine
Cut objects with your saw to guide the sunflower to the goal in all 30 levels.
Balance Game
Use your mouse to guide the blue block to the green area as quickly as possible.
Crane is a physics-based skill game. Your mission is to transport the cradle and its cargo.
Prism - Light the Way
Help save the Glowbos in this beautiful light puzzle game!
Button Heads 2
Use the orange buttonhead to slap blue buttonheads off the screen.
Lilith - It's Valentines Day
Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emma's Valentines Day.
Crack In The Sky
Decode the confidential files of Spider Papadopoulos!
Meet My Valentine 2
A cute valentine themed spot the difference adventure.
Bob is a usual office worker who dreams about having a beautiful life until one day...
Nuclear Ragdoll
Unlimited Stickman Ammunition! Keep that cannon firing while trying to hit the red target.
Collect all the stars, and go through the portal to enter the next level.
Railroad Shunting Puzzle
The goal is to route locomotives and wagons to their relevant destination in various layouts.
Blocks With Letters On 3
The latest edition of the brain-bending anagram puzzle game!
Home Sheep Home
Help Shaun, Timmy and Shirley work together to get home safely to the barn.
Take It Down
The construction worker is trapped on the buildings. Demolish the structures without hurting him.
The Light Temple
Our favorite action duo return!
Blow Things Up
Place bombs around structures and detonate them to get rid of the evil circles.
Move the yellow square to the red tiles: flip it, flop it, tip it, roll it.
Prizma Puzzle 2
Reach all the pyramids in each level without running out of energy.
Fallen From The Moon
There was once a boy who lived on the Moon. Until the full moon.
Shift Freedom
SHIFT: Freedom is a new take on the Shift series and includes mini-games and a ton of mind puzzles.
Into Space
Launch a rocket into the skies. The goal is to reach space in the shortest amount of days.
Bomboozle 2
The blobs have invaded your island yet again!
Doodle Pets
Save the good pets, get rid of the bad pets.
Four Remaining
Pick up the tiles in sets of four - two small, one medium then one large.
All We Need Is Brain
Place brains to lure the zombies to their death.
Collect all the crystals in a level and then reach the goal flag.
Bunny Flags
One bad bunny against waves of invading fingers!
Help the octopus reach the water tank by attaching dynamite to its tentacles.
Cheat Death
Stop wasting time! The longer it takes you to build a path to the bottle, the older this dude gets.
Me and the Key 2
Get the key in each level. Point, click, drag, drop, type and think.
Chain the Pixel
Link colours to break the chain.
Rescue On Cocoa Farm
Chocolate Physics Remover Game
Gravity Duck
Your god has sent you on a mission to find him some golden eggs.
Pumpkin Remover 2
Too many pumpkins? Eliminate them, Red Remover-style, to complete your Halloween.
Lilith A Friend at Hallows Eve
Join Lilith in the companion adventure to Emma's Halloween.
Hide Caesar 2
Return to Rome for a new series of physics-based puzzles!
Birdish Petroleum
Help four cute birds to destroy warships and oil platform.
Wake Up The Box 2
The boxes are back, and once again sleeping!
Word Labyrinth
Find the hidden word, enter it in the box.
Kill all the castle defenders and save the hostages.
Building Blaster 2
Place bombs and tools to blast the buildings to clear the red zones.
Old Cannon
Use this rusty old cannon to destroy all the wobbly and unstable castles.
Air Transporter
Navigate your 'Air Transporter' helicopter through this physics skill game.
Steam and Brass
Complete the pipe system before the time runs out!
Your role is to transport boxes into bins using conveyor belts.
Crush The Castle 2
The Redvonian King was still longing for more castles to crush.
Wake The Royalty
All the royal family is back with brand new levels!
Ancient Alchemy
Turn objects into gold, one face at a time.
Clear the blocks before they crush you!
Assemble the faces as quickly as possible!
Color Theory
Guide your little dude through his colorful world - unlock paths by turning colors on and off.
Isoball 2
Get the ball to the hole by building a track with blocks.
Rearrange the columns to reveal the picture!
Bad Octo
Bad Octo is bullying the other sea creatures - stop him!
Flood Fill
Fill the picture. Make sure the same colours aren't next to each other!
Hide Caesar
Drop wooden shapes to make a roof for the Roman coin.
Build a tower as tall and as quickly as you can!
Kahoots! Kahoots! They're marching in their boots!
World Cup Of Games - Soccer Babes
Sport the difference!
More Blocks With Letters On
More fiendish puzzles with blocks with letters on!
Blocks With Letters On
Fiendish but fun anagram puzzle game!
Angular Momentum
Ride the tubes, find the holes!
Make your own cut-out patterns, then turn them into puzzles!
Clear the cards and boost your score by making the longest path!
How well can you Sketch?
Rail Pioneer
Quickly lay down railroad tracks to reach your destination!
PixelShuffle Editor
Make and share your own puzzles for PixelShuffle.
Get your block down the hole, harder than it sounds!
On the Edge
Clear all of the tiles in this challenging puzzler!
Keep A Head
Zany puzzle adventuring with two explorers who share a head!
A picture logic puzzle with 60 pictures to decipher, from 5x5 to 50x50 squares!
Knightfall 2
Monsters, treasure and adventure await in this epic Puzzle RPG!
Clockwords: Prelude
Think and type quickly to fend off the mechanical invaders.
The Desert Obelisk
A small robot, a floating fish, an ancient empty stone obelisk...
Guardian Rock
Defend your temple from intruding archaeologists.
Black Knight: Insurrection
Capture the king! Clever and attractive puzzler.
Help Proo to recollect pieces of her memory and spacecraft!
Guide M.I.L.O. through a dangerous factory...
Word Kingdom
Make words to acquire resources and conquer Word Kingdom!
The X-spot
The task is simple! Find the X-spot and click it!
Think outside the box in this innovative puzzle platformer!
Chuck the bombs to clear the stars...chuckaBOOM!
Collide the positive and negative balls to annihilate them!
Me and the Key
Point, click, drag, drop, think...
Factory Balls 2
Make lots of different balls!
Big Bang
Cause chain reactions to fuel A1's spacecraft!
Wooden Path
Build a wooden bridge across the river!
Make the blocks disappear in this logical puzzle game.
Minesweeper Flash
Play the classic mine finding game with all-new isometric look!
Who is Kermix? Why does red block love green block?
Bounce your ball to the exit in this compulsive puzzle game!
Use the ramps to get the ball in the bucket NOW!
Play with paint in this sequel to the hit game Sketch!
Flat-pack Frankie
Build your own monsters in this great 'falling block' style puzzle!
Help get BoomBot to the exit with the aid of explosives! Booom!
Number crunching puzzle game!
Brain Voyage
Join Dr Reiner Knizia on a worldwide puzzle voyage!
Can you fill the screen without being hit by the bouncy balls?
Trigger Ball
Can you see all the angles? Test your skills with Trigger Ball!
Flip the tiles in this stylish puzzler!
Gimme Friction Baby
3,2,1 it's gone! Addicting colliding ball puzzle action!
Chooka World
Chain-reaction, Chooka burstin', puzzle action!
Click The Frog
Challenge your agility, coordination and mouse skills in various mini games. Ready?
Bimmin 2
Bimmin 2. Controls: A = Swap character, W = Jump/Climb, D = Slide/Bashe.
Run Ninja
Your job is simple: Jump, slide and attack at the right moment. What's new? The runner is a Ninja!
Run 2
Run 2 is the sequel of the popular distance game made by Joseph Cloutier.
Mr Runner 2
Mr. Runner 2 is another cool fast-paced platform game made by Bit Battalion.
Royal Tea
Royal Tea is a simple retro platformer inspired by Doodle Jump.
The Flood Runner 2
Run from the flood in the fast-paced platform skill game.
Dino Run
Marathon of Doom is one very long, challenging Dino Run level... see how far you can make it!
Pixel City Skater
Grab your skateboard, jump over obstacles and enter Pixel City!
Speed Runner
Run quickly and dismantle the bombs before the timer runs out.
Check Point
Checkpoint is a cool platformer created by Hero Interactive, LLC.
Man in Gap
Man in Gap is an addictive fast-paced platform game from Kevin Resol.
Run and jump across the rooftops.
Butt Scan
The cheeky photocopying game - now FREE on iPhone and iPod Touch!
Running Wizard
Running Wizard is a cool retro sytle jump and run game inspired by games like Canabalt.
Hue Runner
Let your mind do the thinking while your fingers do the switching!
Flood Runner 3
Will you beat the flood again? Run and jump for your life in The Flood Runner 3
Escape from the pursuing ticket inspector!
Finger Frenzy World
How fast can YOU type the alphabet?
Skull Rush
A skull's rocking journey through Hell!
Relaxing, stylist and minimalist one button game.
Poto and Cabenga
Use one button to control Poto and his horse...thing... Cabenga!
Plumet 2
Aim of the game is to run around and fall as deep as you can without touching the top of the screen.
Frog Hop
Hop across the lilypads and eat the dragonflies!
Run Run Hamster
Run Run Hamster is a funny platform game where the aim is to run as far as you can.
Drop the ball down the tower, but don't hit the walls!
Feed The King
Cakes are NOT a lie in this game! Stack them up and eat them all! OM NOM NOM!
Pop the bubbles from smallest to largest.
The world revolves around you!
The patients are DYING! SHOCK them back to life!
Photo King
Snap photos of happy people and animals!
Pig Race
Race your porky friend. Collect acorns. Jump haystacks. Avoid puddles!
Fill your Bento Box with delicious Japanese savoury treats!
Ninja or Nun
Holy woman or fierce fighter? You have seconds to spot the odd one out!
Mmmm! Tea and biscuits! How many biccies can you stack?
Avoid the electric letters!!!
Keep Crushatron bouncing on his pogo stick. Watch out for the cars!
Big Bod Says...
Big Bod says: Play this game! You better had, Big Bod said so!!
Bod Pop
Bod head popping mayhem! How many can you pop?
Dawn Of The Bod
Zombie Bods have risen! Grab your shotgun and defend yourself!
Cannon Bods
Aim your Bod, match the parachuting pirate and FIRE!
Bod World
How well do YOU know your HOME PLANET?
Odd Bods
Click on the Odd Bod as fast as you can!
Bad Egg
Steal the Easter Bunny's wares, avoid the bad eggs!
Loved Up!
Get some love as you try to rescue your girl AND eat loads of chocs!
Trick or Treat XTreme
DON'T tazer the neighbourhood kids on Hallowe'en!
Super Santa Kicker
Use your reindeer to kick Santa into the chimney in each level.
Monster Matchmaker
Use the machine to build sweethearts for lonely monsters!
Ultimate Leprechauns!
Can you keep up with the Ultimate Leprechauns?!
Stop the snow from forming drifts. Quick now!
Fat Santa
Fat Santa is HUNGRY. Feed him!
Santa Shot
Ho ho ho! Shoot Santa out of the chimney!
Piano Pig
Learn from Master Pig as he teaches you to play a tune on the piano!
Chat Zone - Zombie
Amazing! The world's first chat zone for the undead!
Chat Zone - Groovy
This zone is strictly for the groovers!
Chat Zone - Girly
Get girly in this fun chat zone!
Chat Zone - Oldie
Idle chat over the garden fence (under 16s BY INVITATION ONLY please)
Chat Zone - Monkey
Watch out! This is where the cheeky monkeys hang out!
Chat Zone - Fairy
Meet other fairy lovers here!
Now Boarding
Build up your airline! Buy upgrades and continually improve your fleet!
Little Farm
Help The Normans adjust to farm life and grow truck-loads of vegetables!
Now Boarding: Episode 1
Play episode one of the popular airline management game!
Airport Madness
A fun and very addictive airport air traffic control game!
Deep and Blue
Your mission is simple: Explore the world, help others and find the meaning of life.
Totally Odd
Get Mr Claybert through this totally odd adventure game and solve different puzzles.
Mosquito and Cow
Mosquito and Cow is a funny point and click puzzle game made by petums
The Blocked Tunnel
he Blocked Tunnel is a cool hand drawn Point'N'Click adventure game made by Wrinkled Art
Little Samurai
Little Samurai is an addictive point and click adventure game.
Adventures of Red
Help Red find his way through the castle.
The Coffee Story is a simple and short point and click adventure game
Transylvania is an addictive point-and-click adventure game from Fastgames.
Milk Quest
Help the little cat to find the milk treasure. Use your mouse to point and click.
Sneak Thief 3 Triple Trouble
The third episode in the series. Search, Collect steal and escape
Sneak Thief 2
Now Sneak Thief is trapped underwater - build something to help him escape!
Sneak Thief
Steal the item and escape the locked room!
Adam and Eve
Point and click to explore the environment and interact with objects and characters to find Eve.
Majka The Nymph
Seek what is hidden to learn the tale.
The Glean of Glob
Solve the mysteries and find the Glean of Glob.
Little Sprout wants to be an oak tree. Can you help him?
Guide a toy truck through surreal interactive landscapes...
The Blue Beanie
What would you do if a bird stole your blue beanie?
Bicycle Kick Champ
Bicycle Kick Champ is a cool soccer game dedicated to the best football players of the world.
Backyard Baseball
Backyard Baseball is an addictive arcade style baseball action game.
Ping Pong 3D
Ping Pong 3D is a simple table tennis game. No bodies, just paddles.
Stick Basketball
Ready for some ball? Play 21, a single match or go for the tourney win!
Lisa and Bandit
Lisa is an experienced rider and Bandit is a fantastic jumper.
Drastic Plastic
My favourite childhood toy of competitive custom robot bashing!
Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps.
Learn To Fly
Grab your rockets and glider to show the world a penguin can fly!
Ski Jump DX
Olympic style ski jumping competition
Flicking Crazy Golf
Play 'flick golf' in the craziest places!
Tennis Champions
Challenge the world's best tennis players, in a three stage tournament.
Snowboarding DX
Five levels and courses of awesome snowboarding action!
It's a penalty shootout!
Goal Wall Shooting
Put on your football boots and train your soccer skills
Jersey Maniac
How well do you know the shirts of football teams?
First aim using the mouse, left and right, then click and hold the mouse
Mission 9 Ball
Fun 9-ball pool with 40 challenges.
Guide the Q-ball to knock the soccer ball and collect the cups.
The Legend of The Golden Robot
Take on the role of artefact hunter and all round hero, Indigo Steve, in this epic adventure.
Infinite Tower RPG
Level up your character as he fights through skeletons, orcs and dark knights.
The Last Village
Trade weapons, develop your agriculture and train troops.
Age of War 2
Use the mouse to build turrets and hire units to defeat your opponent!
Alexander Dawn of An Empire
It is the dawn of Alexander the Great's empire!
Chibi Knight
Play as a brave little knight and battle the monsters that plague his kingdom.
Vertical Drop Heroes
Vertical Drop Heroes is a mix of tetris and more traditional RPGs
Turn Based Battle
Will James the Elf discover the identity of his mysterious enemy?
Papa's Freezeria
Your mission in this new installment of Papa Louie's restaurant series is simple.
Tanya Dress Up
Tanya dress up Game.
Summer Fashion
Summer Girl Fashion Dress up game.
Girl Power
Choose the hairstyles and outfits for this hot new girl band.
Little Princess
Little Princess Dress up, fashion game.
Vogue Girl Dressup
Dress in ultimate style.
Blonde Girl
Blonde Girl Fashion Dress up game.
Bee Girl
Bee Girl Dress up game.
Margy Dress Up
Margy Dress Up Game, Margy Clothes and Dresses Game
Small School Girl
Have you ever tried Small School Girl Dresses?
Papa's Burgeria
Papas Burgeria is an addictive restaurant management game from the makers of Papas Pizzeria.
Papa's Taco Mia!
Papa Louie is branching out with a new taco restaurant, and he's putting you in charge!
Beautiful Wedding
Style your beautiful wedding dress.
Nail Makeover Time
Running your own manicure shop is not an easy task!
Reine Dress Up
Reine Dress Up Game.
Punk Princess
Dress up the punk princess.
Celebrity Fashion
The HOTTEST celebrity style clothing & fashions from top fashion designers are here.
Professional Model 2011
Have you ever tried Professional Model 2011 Dresses?
Rosabel Dress Up
Rosabel Dress Up Game, Rosabel Clothes and Dresses Game
Yellow Fashion 2011
Dress up in latest yellow fashion collection.
Italiano Brand
Have you ever tried Italiano Brand Dresses?
Galaedhel The Elf Princess
The fashion fever is up in the Elves fantasy filled world.
Cute Skier
This cute girl is ready to tackle the slopes. Ready to ski?
Valentine's Dinner Date
Valentine's dinner date
Susie Make Up
Do Susie's makeup!
Fantasy Hairstyles
Looks like the perfect time for princess Yuki to show off her fantastic hairstyles.
Sundae Maker
Make the ultimate ice cream sudae.
Bunnies or cats? You choose when you dress up Lolli!
Mermaid Hairstyles
With all the swimming and singing, who would expect mermaids to be such great hair stylists?
Find fabulous fashions to make your fairy fantastic!
The Marriage Proposal
Customise this romantic scene!
Dress up the beautiful Czarina!
Biker Betty
Dress Betty up in some fantastic biker gear!
Melinda the Witch
Choose outfits and spells for Melinda the Witch!
Dress up Merna the mermaid!
Youda Farmer 2
Save the Village! A great new farming adventure!
Skies of War
The sky is the limit ... but what about the Skies of War?
Governer Of Poker 2
Travel around the Old West, compete in poker tournaments, and win back your title!
Youda Camper
Create, design and manage your own campsite and become the best campsite owner in the world
Youda Survivor 2
Youda Survivor 2 is a cool time management game made by YoudaGames.
Youda Safari
Use your management skills and save the Safari Park!
Final Fortress
The enemy is approaching our city and there is little time left.
Red Cross Eru
The Red Cross gives help to people in need all over the world.
Youda Marina
Youda Marina is a wonderful simulation and time management game all rolled into one.
Rail of War
The objective of the game is to get to the end of the track while eradicating the enemy forces.
Youda Farmer
Your mission is to run a farm, pick up your items at your farm and deliver them to the townspeople.
Youda Fairy
The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years.
The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
The dark influence of an old curse still haunts the beautiful city of Amsterdam.
The Golden Bird of Paradise
Are you ready for a new adventure?
Control a space fighter, collect weapons, destroy attacking enemies and fight big bosses.
Putting it simply, this is a bullet hell shooter.
REDDER is exploration in its purest form. No leveling up. Just plain old simple exploration.
One Button Bob
Avoid a bunch of nasty traps and baddies to find a treasure
House of Dead Ninjas
A ninja-slaying dash against the clock!
A NES styled grapple hook adventure.
Voltorometer Recharged
Help Volt escape the factory!
The first two levels of Distractionware's gravity-flipping platform game.
Warning Foregone
Can you prevail and defeat the dreaded Black Heart?
Cat Astro Phi
Created in the style of a Gameboy Classic title, this is a space-action pixel-art adventure!
One Button Arthur
Go on a quest using just your left mouse button...
Use your depth charges to sink the enemy submarines - try to survive!
Pilot your ship, chain explosions together and save the humans!
Busker Panic
Play your song while dodging falling objects.
Multiball Rampage
Classic brick breaking action with a twist.
Tower of Heaven
Climbing up the stairway in search of revelation.
Thief's Escape
You've stolen the king's crown, but can you escape the castle alive?
Super Mind Dungeon
Use your psi-power to bounce through the Mind Dungeon.
Pilot a UFO and destroy waves of enemies!
Guide the bouncing spring to the exit.
Atomic Super Boss
How long can you survive against the Boss's attacks?
Xeno Squad
Command a squad of robot marines and battle xenomorphs and other hostile creatures in various maps.
Dynamite Blast 2
Strategically place your explosives on structures and detonate them.
Robot Attack
Its your job to build a defense against the robots and save humanity. Good luck!
Stand up against their armies and face them in battlefield, in this real time strategy game.
Mad Arrow
Place warriors with bow and sword fighting skills to protect your treasures from barbarian assault
2 Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain is an addictive World War II strategy game made by Black Moon Design.
Siegius game is an amazing RTS game and one of the best flash games to date.
Gem Craft Labyrinth
After decades of preparation, the test you've been waiting for - the Labyrinth.
Radio Zed
Protect your radio transmitter from the zombie invasion!
Star Forge
May the Forge be with you.
Bridge Tactics 2
Plant bombs strategically and wait for the magic moment.
Dibbles is a cool strategy game inspired by the classic game Lemmings.
Wizard Hult
This is an adventure platform game with pixel-style graphics.
My Little Army
Three (or more?) heroes are fighting to conquer all Myth Balls.
Tank Guardians
A game of Tank Defense-Strategy and a modified tower defense.
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 4 is an improved version of Ninja Kiwi's popular tower defense game.
Penguins Attack 3
Once again the penguins have returned hell bent on world domination!
Orbital Onslaught
A real time/turn based, tactical-strategy game.
Telsa Death Ray
Destroy the waves of approaching enemy units using your tesla coil.
The aliens have invaded earth and you as a general of the mercenary pilots must fight them off.
High Tea
A strategic plate-spinning game where you play an independent British smuggler selling opium.
Spitfire 1940
The Battle of Britain is about to begin and you have been called upon to manage the defences.
Bridge Tactics
Bridge Tactics is an addictive destruction game.
Desert Moon
Can you survive for five days?
Robot Clashes
A real time strategy game. You have to upgrade gear and let your robots pick it up.
Bubble Tanks Tower Defense
Bubble Tanks Tower Defense is a very unique TD game by Hero Interactive.
Tentacle Wars 2 The Purple Menace
Tentacle Wars 2 - The Purple Menace is a sequel of the popular strategy game made by Lumarama.
Control Craft
A fast thinking RTS game, with tactical capabilities and graphics in unique style.
Last Command
Command the Earth's last line of defence against the alien invaders!
Tentacle Wars
Attack your enemy with tentacles. As your microbes grow their attacks become more and more powerful.
Nob War
There's a war on, and everyone's invited!
Saucer Panic
Land as many saucers as you can!
SteamBirds is an exciting aerial-dogfighting action/strategy game that you can pick up in seconds.
Control the English, Viking or Norman armies in the Battle of Hastings.
Scrap Metal Heroes
Build battle robots out of nearly 200 different parts.
Penguins Attack 2
Once again the penguins are waging war on the human race.
When Penguins Attack! TD
Save humanity from the evil penguin invasion!
The Boomlands
Customize your King and troops to conquer ten different lands!
Deploy an army of beetles to defend your donut base!
Truck Loader 3
Here comes the third part of the physics-based Truck Loader game.
Space Punk Racer
Race across 8 different tracks and fight off other drivers. Arrows = Drive, X = Boost, Z = Shockwave
Mega Truck
Mega Truck is an addictive truck racing game made by Box10.
3D LA Supercars
Drive and upgrade your supercar as you try to win the 'La Supercars' race. Much Fun!
2039 Rider
Cruise through the future and unlock new bikes. Control your bike with arrow keys.
ATV Destroyer
Drive an all-terrain vehicle and destroy every car on your way to the finish line. Enjoy!
Potty Racers 3
Upgrade your potty into the ultimate flying machine and be the crappiest pilot ever. Ready? Race!
Super Drift 3D
Super Drift 3D is another cool racing game inspired by Ridge Racer.
Hillblazer FMX
Perform tricks in this motorbike stunt game.
Take a bike and ride safely across dangerous canyons.
Trucksformers is an awesome truck racing game inspired by the popular movie Transformers.
Go Go Agent Zero
Run away from the enemies while shooting them down.
Alpha Drive
Alpha Drive is a cool bike racing game where you have to ride a motorbike over the bumpy alphabet.
Tank Mania
Drive your tank and destroy everything in your way as your drive to the finish line.
Grand Prix Management
Do you like Formula 1 racing? Then you will love this Grand Prix Management game!
Grand Prix Go is an awesome Formula 1 racing game made by Turbo Nuke.
Stunt Crazy
Stunt Crazy is a cool destruction game made by ThePodge.
Ride your BMX bike and perform stunts over hills and jumps.
Knock over blocks with your wrecking ball so that the block with the red outline touches the statue.
Mission of the game is to go to the finish line as fast as possible.
Drift Runners
Drift Runners is a cool driving game where you must defeat your opponents to unlock further tracks.
Truck Loader 2
Truck Loader 2 is another cool physics-based puzzle game.
Take control of the airplane as you take-off, fly, and land.
Mental Mouse 2
Tilt and balance this crazy mouse on a bike ride over the kitchen table!
Formula Racer
Formula Racer is the ultimate Formula 1 challenge
Big Pixel Racing
Enter street races, upgrade your car, and save your brother!
Rocky Monster
Rocky Monster is a fast-paced truck racing game from GamePirate.
Planet Trucker
Planet Trucker is a physics-based truck racing game.
Desk Rally
You mission in Desk Rally is to drive little toy cars on an office desk.
Race tilty style against nine other opponents! Finish a few races and start saving your moneys.
Bike Zone
Ride over the all obstacles on a level without crashing your bike!
Night Racer
You drive a motorbike around in the beautiful evening and midnight settings.
BMX Master
BMX Master is an addictive bicycle motocross game
Monster Truck Demolisher
Pick your monster truck and demolish all the cars that are in your way!
Coast Runners
Boat racing action.
Mountain Bike
Ride a BMX bike on the beauteous hilly terrain and reach the end of track.
Neon Race
Smash and dash through 8 neon-soaked levels of thrilling driving action.
Drag and drop various objects on the playing field to create a track.
Moto Trial Fest
Moto Trial Fest is an addictive dirt bike game with excellent physics and graphics.
Truck Loader
Load the lorries with your amazing magnetic forklift truck!
Rex Racer
Rex Racer is a funny stone-age dirt bike game.
Potty Racers 2
Explore exciting new lands with your powerful new porta-potty.
Tractor Mania
Drive your tractor up the hills as grab stars as you carry different loads on new maps.
Star Stunt Biker
Surmount all obstacles and don't crash your dirt bike. Unlock new vehicles.
Shut Up and Drive
Drive as fast as you can and beat your rivals in this classic arcade racer!
The Lorry Story
Bring the goods to your destination without dropping any packets.
Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport
Deliver goods from A to B through complex systems of underground mines.
Moto Rush
Compete in races around the world
Mountain Rescue Driver 2
Drive injured man to the medical center as fast as you can.
You have a big truck, a ramp, and a bunch of stuff waiting to be smashed.
Mad Trucker 2
Drive like you mean it, and knock cars off the road.
School Bus License
Deliver all the pupils to school on time, without crashing into anything!
Dirt Bike 2
Try to complete a level in the fastest time possible to score the highest points. Good Luck!
Truck Mania
Drive your truck through the dangerous levels and deliver your cargo.
Diesel And Death
Race bikes across junkyard! Past the flags to win or destroy enemy bike for victory!
Max Dirt Bike
A concussion is your best friend. Do your best to get the biker through alive.